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I look forward to the annual CRS. That’s not because it’s not fun – that’s it. This is because the location is in decline because of some of the surprising decisions made by Las Vegas Gas during the CS period.

Arriving right after the holidays ensures that it will spend more family breaks than any other event in a long drive.

This show is not a showcase for smartphones. The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February is the perfect showcase for new smartphones. Expect plenty of 5G phones and designers to show that Apple is not running a smartphone design. The new designs have not been available until mid-year, but I think some telephone companies will be surprised at how innovation goes – particularly in China.

About CIS, many of the most interesting products will not appear on the show this week, but will be shown on the show under a deal that is not available to publishers, analysts, and reporters. This is a practice because we are one or two farther away from a given volume, because shoppers do not want their competitors to know what is coming.

I will share my thoughts on CIA and stay with one of the most exciting products next year – a tool to help improve your energy level and sleep on drugs.

Innovations in cars

One of the most exciting parts of CSS is the automated part, and it should be superior. For the past several years we have had flying cars and commercial vehicles, but this is the decade, and companies are expected to exert greater pressure.

We should also look at the latest designs from companies that are looking forward to bringing not only the most innovative flying cars, but also self-driving cars to the market. One area that has attracted a lot of attention is the conversion of the car into a mobile recreation center, with significant changes in seat layouts.

There are plans to turn the car park into a virtual reality experience, as it seems to travel on other planets, or at other times, or in alternative universes. Some of these displays were amazing last year. Expect to be even more refined this year.

There are always one or two motorhouses that will not be able to get you into your right home. Some years later he went in and had a helicopter ride with him. I’m expecting a drone bay this year.

Cut-edge PCs

Computer sellers use CES to showcase the designs behind closed doors. If you are lucky enough to be invited into a secret show, expect to see a mix of two-screen notebook computers, interesting smartphone and laptop features, and 5G-connected notebooks.

While this show mainly focuses on consumer computers, there should be some improvements in corporate products regarding design and security improvements that help define PCs in the 2020s.

One of the areas where you see a lot of improvement is the recycling of technology and the ability to use plastics in the ocean because this component distinguishes sustainability efforts. Look for some real progress here as the technology department works to become a leader in green innovation.

Digital Assistant Trends

I expect Amazon to continue to lead with the many third-party accessories that utilize leadership ecosystems in digital assistant development.

When choosing to compete with Amazon, we have to look at smarter-than-many box stores, and these products are a demonstration of advances in artificial intelligence, built directly into TVs.

We must be our logo in digital assistant-enabled products on the show, as Amazon, Google and Apple products struggle with dominance. The mental image of these things goes in a: a Fairy tale– Depending on the situation when the CIS lights go out and the security guards are sleeping. You can make an interesting movie.

The latest in smart devices

From motion controllers to smart glasses, there should be a variety of tools to be seen this year. As such I will inspire you to change the look and feel of the week’s best of Apollo.

I expect this section to add a little more than the one above to this picture, they should not be left on the drawing board, which include products you can’t do.

The area that receives most attention is smart glasses and wearable displays. At the end of the year, you can find the best way to watch a movie on a plane with a self-installed display.

We need to see a number of displays designed to plug into the wall in place of static paintings on the CIA, as well as paintings linked to updated services.

What’s next in smart TVs

Although many of us feel comfortable with our 4K sets, we should start watching 8K TV channels this year. Don’t be too excited about the 8K content, but these TVs should have amazing transformers, which should allow the settings to be turned on despite the lack of content.

Like all new technology, don’t expect it to be a cheap day. 8K collections will have more on brilliant rights than enjoy the 8K native content and that won’t be for a while.

Look for more developed support for new services like DC Universe and Disney +, which are better integrated with audio enhancements and better sync with the same brand products at home.

Advances in Security and 5G Hubs

Expect big emergence in connected security systems with connected cameras, smart doorbells and wireless sensors. Some of these must be a breeze to connect directly to a mobile network (WAN) and to be installed as a result.

This small selection should be a preview of what can happen in the future of 5G smart Internet communications (which occupy your existing wireless router space).

At the end of the decade, most personal devices require the power to connect to the Internet and start working, restarting a simple, easy-to-use bar.

Packing: Just the tip of the iceberg

This summary is only for the tip of the ice packs that are publicly visible and behind snow doors in CES2020. I am waiting for a wonderful show, and wishing I could have a map of the Las Vegas area and be there all week. I was home.

The big moves will be wireless technology and AI, but be aware that these activities are just the beginning of the great change. We look back over the dark years at the end of the decade and wonder how we were saved.

Rob Ennell's product of the week

Apollo From the team of scientists who think many people are sleeping, and the daily stress they experience. It is the most effective way to improve heart rate variability or to improve your body’s ability to handle stress.

Apollo wearable stress relief

Apollo wearable stress relief

Other devices like the Apple Watch track HRV but do nothing to improve it. Initial experiments with 1000 users reported that most (95%) reported that they achieved productivity, concentration and improved sleep using the ApoP device.

I’ve been using it for several weeks, and it seems to improve concentration, but since I sleep fast, I can’t say it improves sleep.

This product is offered for $ 60 a year or $ 5 a month, which seems reasonable if it improves your focus, productivity and sleep quality.

The device is not very attractive if you look at it, but you can choose to wear it on your hand or ankle. To use it, install an app and then talk about how you want to feel, and Apollo starts shaking at the frequency listed in your frequency (energy, lack of focus, insomnia).

The device uses elbow straps to attach it to your hand or ankle, and I practiced very fast. Rather than reporting a problem with your emotions, it is one of the biggest advances in the 2020s. Apollo came here first, so it’s my product of the week.

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