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We are only two months into our New Year and now we are millions
Private records, including 123 million workers, have been threatened
And customer records from sports retailer Datallon and another 10.6
Former guests of MGM Resort Hotel.

These announcements followed Wah’s vision that the oil and convenience chain was the victim of nine months of racial abuse
The payment card system is available in 850 locations nationwide.

There is also a data breach by Microsoft earlier this month
Over 14 years, it has exposed 250 million customer records.

Data breaches are so common that experts agree a
But when is a company a victim. Recovery
Therefore, it should focus on a plan on how to resolve a violation
What needs to be done to make sure employee / client / customer data, how to handle a ransomhoware attack, and plugins to prevent further hackers from using the same devices.

In the case of Wawa violations, hackers said they had 30 million records for sale, including websites such as fraudulent shortcuts. Whether that is true or not, it shows that there may be far more information than hackers can understand.

Big DataHow

Normally stolen data may vary, but can be used by
MGM violations include full names, home addresses, phone numbers, emails
And even birthdays. Breaking the information for Ditlon
Unregistered passwords, employment contract information,
Social Security numbers and business hours.

However, the MGM violation did not include credit card data.

It is important to note that you have not participated in any payment information
Special Event, ”Gary Roboff at
Santa Claus team.

However, “the delay in the flow of this hotel information may be greater
Vice President Mike Jordan has warned some of the hidden forces:
Research by a risk management organization
Joint reviews.

The last breach of the hotel came in May of this year. What happened during Marriott in 2018
Agreeing, but that’s not really a profit breach.

This was done by Chinese-supported attackers b
It is the purpose of thinking, and perhaps the ultimate purpose of coercion, Jordan said

State actors

Another factor that contributes to the number of violations is that they are not
As always mentioned in Marriott, it is always carried out by cyber criminals.

Government action by “intelligence agencies” is often based on fundamentals
Information like people and where they are, ”Jordan explained.

You can access this information in bulk or use it to verify existing data
It is a key component of developing an effective surveillance program, ”he said

This information will be very useful for those purposes,
Considering that there are some wealthy trustees on that list,
He has declared the Jordan.

Because HD data is posted to the public forum
It is not surprising that the offenders are the same as the defendants
Violation of Marriott.

However, this information may also be useful for malicious information
Parties and a lot of people have now arrived, ”Jordan pointed out.

Supply and demand

It seems that a great deal of information is emerging as a result of these violations
The big web is almost for sale on the dark web – almost
Data for hosting cybercards is too large.

“According to the provision of supply and demand law, the cost of a registrar
Matt Casey, product director, said it fell dramatically
Marketing by
Hygiene safety.

“There are still regular violations,” Jim warned
Urt Tillo, Associate Professor of Computer Science at

Remember that your data is not only available once it is exposed
It has everything bad. Further violations will put your data in the palm of your hand,
It means there are many more opportunities for some types of crime
Use it to do something, ”he told TechNewsWorld.

The problem is that the data contains the data, says James McGuigan, Security
Cognitive Seeker By

People should consider their information just as well
Social Security numbers, names, emails and passwords and addresses,
He told TechNewsWorld.

It is also important that people are able to keep track of their credit and their accounts
By being alert for the email you receive, ”McGeegan added.
Although they can’t ignore all their emails, they should check if
It’s too good to be true or suspicious.

Cybercards are highly creative in searching for profitable ways to use stolen data.

“In the hands of a motivated evil actor, this data can be used in
Accounting on the head of MGM and – by
Prostitution to reuse passwords – unlike other resorts, Kyle said

“If successful, the value will increase even more because
“The bad actor can then steal or use reward points,” he said
Added. The resultant fraud is an additional and additional expense to MGM
Time, it negatively impacts their users. Statistics show the customers
Maybe when you’re private, you’re more likely to use a different seller
Information was stolen.

Evil lottery

Following the violations found by Equifax, the Office of the Civil Service
Management and get Lama and countless other cyberatt
Recently, most Americans have been exposed to certain personal information
Years. The good news is that there is a lot of information in many cases
Most bad guys don’t use bad ones.

This does not mean that we should not worry.

“We are a regular defender of data breaches,” Kyle pointed out.
From now on
Previous breach came – Tar Lama.

Now the question is, when or when,
But maybe how long our data will be exposed. We can all participate in the “evil destiny.” Instead of winning a jacket, we are called into the unpleasant situation that comes with our data being used by really bad people.

That’s unfortunately true, Jordan shared.

Our data are useful now to target individuals who are currently using the law
And Illegal Ways – Data is like copper or raw material
Soy that needs to be filtered, ”he explained.

Jordan said the information was alive on the shelf because of changes to our timeline, “so new violations are needed to make their information useful.”

Breaking and repeating

Many security breaches occur because they are easy to fit. all of them
Companies often view business as an additional expense. Even
Information that appears to be “public” may be valuable.

Drawing a road map to do this is not my purpose, but
Exposing only contact and DOB can be a serious problem, ”he explained
University of Maryland Pregillo University.

Someone who discovers some scam and brings it to a site can be undone
Spend some money on one record and keep going – this is not right
Free money, but it’s close. ”

A more serious problem occurs when the data is aggregated into a patient.

“The address and Ivy are enough to open up all sorts of innovations
It opens in the name of a person who creates a simple background
Loyalty to the process by the hacker doing or pretending
For the purpose of persuading the utility company that person, financially
From an employee or medical provider to reset the identity tag.
Urtillo explained.

The result will be the legal information owner in short order
The hacker picks himself clean and finds himself locked out of the services.

The more information on transmissions, the less the story should be
Designed to persuade companies to offer your goods, but
Little data can be used when combined with a patient,

Pulling this cyber criminal is no small task.
Unlike what the movies and TV shows suggest, it’s not immediately
Converting the data to bitcoin – it takes real effort to make the data
Something is valuable without informing the authorities.

Understanding how to test the validity of a sealed identity
Without obtaining a credit reporting agency to obtain evidence
It has become a true art, ”said Urt Lolo:“ The identity thief can do it all
To create a background image, one can look around the website of the digital profile
Prior to a breach of contract in a particular financial institution.

Beyond the extinction

There are other significant cybersecurity risks that others cannot stop,
So recovery is the next best step.

Because so much money is being made in ransomware attacks,
Attackers have the capacity to attack in new ways and test new ways
“Security analyst Eric Kronen said.”

The cost of phishing attacks to send 50,000 phishing attacks – about $ 65
Emails from dark web operators – very low, it has such low vulnerability
When he gets caught and such a high payout is impossible
To counter cyber criminals, ”he told TechNewsWorld.

These attacks have proven themselves and increased over the decades
Cronon’s ability to control human behavior.

The key to avoiding these attacks is to train people how to see them
And report them in the organization, “They pointed out
He wants to monitor and control traffic in and out of the network
Careless information or unusual traffic patterns. Also, data at rest
It should be encrypted when possible to minimize the risk
Confidential information that may be affected, even if it is being released. ”

Technology Combat

Fortunately, there are now simple, yet effective ways to help
Two-factor authentication can provide many vulnerable passwords, with some information that is not really useful for scammers
Security features are useless while adding to payment solutions.

Since chip cards have finally arrived in this country, we have them
There is a discount on the amount of credit and debit card that can be used
Information on the physical level of sales, ”according to Santa Fe Group Robboff

The use of dynamic payment information generated by EMV-complementary cards and
Online use of payment tokens – and biometrics b
By Apple et al
Android devices – added that they have helped reduce payment fraud.

However, the best solution may be better practices for individuals.

Users need to be more controlled by paying more attention to them
Password hygiene. Not just for everyone, take advantage of the password manager
The essentials, “Cequence Security’s Keil,” and wherever
If possible, two-factor authentication should be enabled. ”
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