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Cyberbullying is a serious concern for 2020 – and the risks are far from over
The shocking speed in the ransom.

In addition to the daily concerns of malware, stolen information and recovery costs
There is a very serious danger from commercial network interference to influence or directly impact or influence the outcome of the US general election in 2020.

Today, any company with a computer or any connected device or software needs to see itself as a “technology company.” Each
With a smart TV, virtual assistant or other internet connection
The IoT device can be endangered as well – including the risks
Victimized by cyber-bullying or compromised personal data.

We are seeing growing areas of violence – for example, automotive, aircraft,
“Satellites and hardware components,” said CEO Michael Cecchis
Technician by
Boss Alan Halton.

In addition, “anemia from
They are sophisticated actors – namely, the use of malware and similarities, “he told TechNewsWorld.

There may be several major local and international events
In general, provide opportunities for attackers to digital disruption
And so are smaller companies and governments.

Although anyone in this connected world can be a target, understanding the risks can help to minimize the overall risk.

“The major threat companies do not adequately address the challenges they face
“The ever-changing landscape of security threats,” Ellen Beninim,
Information Security Officer

It is a constant struggle to ignore recent issues
To make matters worse, we predict that there will be 2020 counterfeiters
To spread out a vast and complex, vast floor of destruction and
She is making a more dangerous impact, ”she told TechNewsWorld.

Old threats still exist

It relates to the same threats that have been around for years
Continue to create real problems by 2020. These include phishing attacks.

Phishing is basically deceiving others
“They can make a profit,” said Tom Thomas, a faculty member at the Faculty of Education in
Tulane University online
Master of professional studies in cybercrime management Program.

Because all these millions are still deposited in a bank in Nigeria
I’m sure he’ll stay here for more than 20 years now, as he is now a phishing
He said people are greedy and easily deceived.

Education is very common, but these scams are just getting better –
And unless you look at it, some of these email scams are very credible
Thomas warns, many people don’t.

Another cyber security threat is not really an attack, but
Instead, because of overwork – and in some cases, low pay – software
Designers This is a case of software errors, and those errors can
Effects can cause hackers and other criminals to become targets.

These are legitimate concerns and as a rise in software
IT space, which means developers have to provide an address
Security is new and old in their address, Thomas said.

Risks from the inside

Who has the right access to the right of a neglected cybercrime
And whether these individuals are trustworthy. Edward Snowden
It’s just one example, but the problem is facing tech companies for a problem
Years. In the spring of 2018, Apple had to fire an employee for work
List the company’s software roadmap.

Now that there is a problem with cybersecurity, this problem can be worse
Labor shortages, and companies are working hard when they come
New salary

In 2020, companies face a major threat, he said
Thames Bena.

However, whether they intentionally or not, they may be the result of these threats
“It’s terrible,” he added.

“Hidden threats can be viewed in many ways – for example, a
Employees can easily access confidential information b
He said in Nana, “Or the former employee can distribute it
Client records with malicious CRM device. Both cases can lead to serious false infringement that may result in unfair penalties for your organization under the GDPR.

Suggested Attacks

Even trustworthy employees can make serious mistakes. Hackers use it
Social engineering techniques for breaking and breaking the network
Confidential information as well as tools to encrypt data or break security systems.

By 2020, we could see a “multi-layer coverage”, a lot
Targets in the business are used to collect and locate information
Warned Laurence Pitt, director of global security strategy
Jan Networks Networks.

“Shipping strategies will be more complicated,” he told TechNewsWorld.

Especially if there is any risk of spending money and especially if it hurts the public
Money – government and health care – the news remains the news, ”Pitt added.

We’ll see more attacks using phishing, such as phishing, and other common ctors.
Downloads for fraud, “he predicted,” but there are attacks that use old methods
With a new ctors curtain. Masad Stiller’s attack as reported by Jan Thunder Threat
Labs are a good example of where data and money are at the end of 2019
Deleted by a malware that is stored in the specified and respected software section.


It’s not just computer networks that can be at risk by 2020
In recent years we have seen quite a bit of work to prove this
Mobile devices are adequately protected from attacks.

When it comes to smartphones, devices can easily be used by
Downloading apps – even from trusted platforms.

“StrandHogg is using malware but popular applications on.”
Play as a storage method, and until Google closes
The vulnerability that allows it to work is any tool and user
It could be exposed, ”Pitt said.

“Mobile phones have become the most sensitive gateway to us
Personal information and free app discounts are still available
Or it gets millions of downloads without thinking it has
It’s secure,

Users must stop receiving requests for device in secret to access it
Resources: Stop downloading free apps you don’t want and
It may be used only once, and finally, if the application is denied
Requires access to something that seems unusual or unnecessary – b
For example, a PDF that requires access to SMS messages Reader, “Pt.
“This will help to make the tools and the data more secure.”


Another concern for 2020 may not be directly related to data, but this should be on everyone’s radar – the rise of “deep lakes” will harm individuals, spread misinformation, and harm endless roads.

Deep dots add to the gift level. More powerful
Even computers and mobile devices make it all that much easier to create credibility. One concern is how they can be used against fake news across mobile platforms.

Deep research technologies will be used to influence 2020
They predict that elections will take place in America and beyond, “Eric Kron, security
Cognitive Seeker By

False videos and audio will be released near the time of the election
He also issued a warning to disqualify candidates or to run votes.

Although, these are the ones that are guaranteed to be chosen quickly, if not properly elected voters
They will be affected by very specific or credible falsehoods, ”Kron added.

Protecting the Cloud

One misconception about cyber error is that it is off-site or hostile
Storage presents significant risks. The cloud may be specific

There is a misconception that the cloud is less in nature
Andrew said it is safer than traditional home-based solutions
Schwarz, Professor
Information systems and decision science
The program is based on. E. J. Orres College Management Administration in
Louisiana State University.

The problem is when there is a rule violation – for example, it is a violation
Summer on AWS – makes great headlines, skeptics suggest
These examples include reasons why companies do not want to move
Their own systems go to the cloud, ”he told TechNewsWorld.

The problem with these examples is that it is network security
Subject to the principle of great weakness – it will be your data
He says it’s vulnerable to the weakest interface.

Cloud security continues to evolve as the cloud itself
Tullus Thomas.

If applied correctly, ‘cloud’ can increase security risks –
It is therefore very important that these risks be moderate;
He pointed out.

Last summer’s SASS violation showed that the cloud was not a fundamental problem. He
The error was not a cloud provider due to the client’s decision, but it was the wrong firewall.

In addition, cloud providers are only saved if there is a cloud
They are investing in R&D to offer new and safer ways to do so
He said it exposes security boundaries as we know it
“Any breach means a specific death to the vendors,” said LSU Schutz
Their use to secure systems. Because the answer is
Not only is cloud safe, but it is more secure than most
Not all, at information centers on Earth. ”

Security in real time

Internet safety is not just about computer networks or consumer devices.

There are many important events that hackers can target, and what is at stake is more than money or information.

By 2020, there are actually three major events in the magnet
Actor for Cybercrime and National Government: The President of the United States
Choice; For the first time online US Census, and Olympic Games at
“He is the head of state,” said Tokyo Leader
Jan Perrier disaster laboratories On Junny Networks.

We measure mediation experiments on social media;
Campaign staff in the census, security holes, and
They try to exploit them, some of the attacks on the Olympics
Infrastructure will succeed to some extent, ”he told Tech NewsWorld.

I am very concerned about the election is the government’s IT security
Especially when it comes down to the district and
It is a pre-standard standard that makes these machines accessible

Electronic voting is still changing slowly – and that’s what concerns me
As we have seen in the news, electronic choices are very simple
To scroll rather than paper, ”he said.

None of these problems are easily resolved this year or in
In the coming years. Cyberbullying is a vast field
Open and very few candidates. It requires constant effort
And a very serious training.

But the cost of not doing enough can be significant.

The reality of crime is that as long as criminals can get it
They may affect data based on confidentiality, reliability or
If it is available – and there is little that one company can do,
He said of the BB4.

Companies must protect data properly
Even if criminals gain access to the data,
They cannot affect his credibility or confidentiality, ”he commented
The trend we are looking at is a breach of our company
Through the supply chain or other trusted third parties.

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